Why fly in Iceland? by Yves Mellet

Posted on May 2, 2011

Why fly in Iceland?

Because I came by chance in 1972 and in 1973, 1975, … Because I learned to fly in 1988 … Because I wanted to fly to Iceland … Because in 2009 I finally decided … Because local paragliders are really amazing. Because light is more beautiful than elsewhere. Because I found here, near the sea, the little flowers that grow in the mountains in France.

Why fly in Iceland?
Because in summer in France the days are too short and in winter in France the days are too long.
Because I see in Iceland you do not laugh at someone who has Parkinson’s disease, believing that he’s drunk.
Because in France I finally write on my T-shirt: I’m not drunk, I’ve only Parkinson’s disease, and as stupidity, it is incurable.
Because Iceland is the best place in the world to learn Icelandic.
Because there are few places where I feel good, or I exist not only as sick, disabled, lame, etc.:
-When I’m in the air
-When I’m on my skis
-When I’m in my school VITRUVE
-When I’m in my paragliding club in Jura
-Wherever I am in Iceland !

Because Icelanders refuse to pay for the mistakes of private banks!
Because there are men and women who fly with paraglide in Iceland, when in France you can see that almost only men fly.
Because Iceland is the first place for two years for gender equality, when France went from 18 to 42 and I am proud to have two daughters.
Because it is 1137 years that people resist to survive on this beatiful island, because for 11 years pilots fly there with paraglider.
Because the club of Reykjavik is dynamic and welcoming.
Because I would like to help local pilots when they go to fly Landmannalaugar.

Yves Mellet lives in Paris, France. From a young age he has been an outdoors/sports/adrenaline enthusiast. A few years ago he was struck with Parkinsons disease but has refused to let it stop him live his life! He stays active and positive, a role model for many healthy young men out there. See Yves fly in this YouTube video.

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