Vikings over Makedonia 2014

Tour dates: 28. August – 7. September 2014
SIV dates: to be confirmed
For pilot level: Beginners (ParaPro 2) to Advanced pilots
Cost: 65 Euro per person per day
Lead by: Igor Todevski, world class pilot and instructor
SIV instructor: Martin Jovanoski

Full package luxury Paragliding tour. 65 Euro per person per day, including:
Transport from and to the airport (assuming a group arrival)
Accommodation during tour days
Rich continental breakfast
Lunch packet (sandwich: meat or vegetarian, water, fruit and energy bar)
Updated weather forecasts
Detailed site briefings
Radio assistance
Help on the take off in strong conditions
Focus on making sure that each pilot has an optimum flying experience
Unlimited flying advice; technique, planning, decision making…
Vehicle with driver: Mercedes Sprinter
Transport to the flying location and retrieval from every XC flight
We will fly on several locations according to the weather each day
Igor is committed to the group 24/7
Igor provides the site briefing each day: how to fly that location, how to go for best distance…
Igor will share with you the secrets of XC flying and give you coaching to make you safer and better pilots
On non-flyable days we explore the nature and beauty of amazing Macedonia

This is the best place to fly in Macedonia. The take-off is only 5 min from the town and this area is amazing for XC flights. We will be flying there and in the surrounding mountains.
The villa, Temple, in Krusevo has 6 double bedrooms and 3 family apartments. Each room has double bed/twin bed, own bathroom, TV, mini bar and free unlimited wi-fi.
The apartments are intended for families with children. Each apartment has a double bedroom and an additional room for children, own bathroom, TV, mini bar and free unlimited wi-fi.The living room is open-plan area with enjoyable seating, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering.
The house has a lovely garden where guests can enjoy their meal and coffee/tea time.
The mountain view is stunning.

You can enjoy both nature and the 19th century unique Macedonian architecture.

Ideally situated in the center of Krusevo, the villa has easy access to the main street (1min walking distance) where the numerous restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and shops are situated. Private parking in front of the villa.

Igor Todevski is the leader of the Heli XC, situated in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Igor is one of the World paragliding pioneers. He has more than 4600 paragliding hours and 450 sailplane flying hours. He’s a certified UCVP paragliding instructor pilot. And also a member of the examination commission for issuing licenses in Macedonian Air Federation. Igor is a World Cup competitor with a great emulative experience and one of the top-rated pilots in the world.

Igor was flying as a Gin Team Pilot in the years behind and now he is flying under the Ozone Team Flag.

Track record
2010 – the 4th place at the World Cup in Greece
2010 – the 27th place at the Super Final
2011 – The 1st place at the World Cup elimination competitions in Turkey
2011 – The 4th team placing and the 15th place in the individual classification after becoming a part of the GIN pilot team among 130 pilots at the World Cup in Bayramoren, Turkey
2012 – The 1st place at the Ukrainian-Polish-Open Championship in Macedonia
1st place Slavonian open
1st place Serbian open National
2nd place Balkan league
2nd place Bulgarian National

Rating positions
2010 – the 34th place in the FAI pilot rating system (WPRS)
2011 – the 11th among 150 best pilots of the planet
2011 – the 19th place in the FAI pilot rating system

Igor has a national Macedonian record, having covered the route from Vodo (Skopje) to v.St Naum (Galichitsa).

The Weather in Macedonia
Macedonia is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, surrounded by mountain ridges in all directions. Average temperature in May-October is 22-25 degrees, seldom passing over 30. As a whole the climate is similar to that in Ukraine and the European part of Russia.

Mountains shield the country from influence of sea winds and weather fronts, creating a soft microclimate in the region. In Macedonia the weather is warm and seldom windy with a moderately dry warm air and plenty of sunny days. In such weather conditions soft smooth thermals flow, rising up to a height of 3-4 kilometres. The flying conditions in Macedonia will be especially appreciated by the newcomers in paragliding for whom finding themselves in the air is already an achievement, and they don’t need any extra worries associated with severe weather conditions 🙂

Non-flyable days are a great exception here and as a result Paragliding Competitions of different levels and Championships of different countries are often held in Macedonia.

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