Why fly in Iceland? by Sigurður Ingi Halldórsson

What is your favourite site in Iceland and why?

I must say Hafrafell because its so close by and when you think you are getting bored of it, it usually surprises you. Not to mention its only a 10 min. drive from my home.

Another favourite is Herdísarvík; see breeze, thermals, long ridge, spectacular views with lava, moss, high cliffs. Minus; too far from Reykjavík (hmmm… about 30min. from the suburbs), I have had countless drives out there resulting in no flying.

For pilots going to the Western parts of Iceland I recommend Laugar í Sælingsdal and Dynjandi/Fjallfoss, Arnarfirði.

Looking coy at cloudbase, Herdísarvík

Sigurður Ingi Halldórsson, Siggi, is one of our most competitive pilots, with at least 5 years behind him and oh so close to winning the Icelandic XC League in 2008 and 2009. He will frequently be found on or around a mountain top… in almost any condition.

* The featured image shows Siggi go XC from Hafrafell.