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Can new pilots join?
Yes, we can cater for all levels of pilots with the help of additional instructors. Depending on skill level pilots take off at different times of day. New pilots might get five flights in during the morning, rest for the most thermic part of midday, and then get another five flights in the afternoon. In the meantime advanced pilots can spend the whole day counting kilometres 🙂

Landing and retrieve?
Wherever you land from your XC flight you are never more than a 15 minute walk from a town where you will receive a heartwarming greeting from locals. Our retrieval drivers are locals who know the area very well and will pick you up ASAP.

Is there a repair workshop?
Not as such, but we have facilities to do all minor repairs and replace lines as well as re-pack reserves.

SIV (Safety in Flight) course?
It is possible to offer an SIV course for those interested. All the usual manoeuvres to be expected from an SIV, with a special focus on handling collapses, not to over-react, develop a feeling for your glider and how to keep your glider flying in all situations.

The primary instructor will be Martin Jovanoski, an experienced acro pilot, professional tandem pilot instructor and SIV instructor.

Price: 350 euros. Three days including accommodation, breakfast and transport.

Weather, clothes to bring?
Macedonia is quite warm at that time of year, but we are spending a lot of time in the mountains and sleeping at 1.300 meters asl. Bring long trousers and light jacket for evenings and a flying suit as you can expect to find yourself at 4.000 asl when going cross country.

Airport to fly to?

Pick-up from airport?
If the group arrives on the start day of the tour, pick-up from airport is included in the daily fee. If the group arrives earlier or individually we can arrange for accommodation and pick-up for an additional nominal fee.

Will there be de-briefing after the flying day?
Yes, every night at dinner (when people have properly landed) we will talk about the day and suggest what we can do better. Additionally we can do lectures/talks on any flying related topic.

Can non-flying partners join?
Yes, more detail upon request.

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