USHPA Magazine March 2013

In this issue:
Focused on Safety (The Target on Your Back) by Paul Voight
Pilots Who Make Goal (Frank Gillette) by Ron Matous
Swingers (All About Acro) by Andy Pag
Rat Race (Inside, Outside & Sideways) by Julie Spiegler
Flying Accidents (Psychological First Aid) by Patrick McGuiness
Log Book (Colorado) by Alex McCulloch
Hang Gliding Finishing School (Part XIV) by Dennis Pagen
A “Bearly” Sorable Day (At Hull Mountain) by C.J. Sturtevant

Martin Palmaz, Publisher; Nick Greece, Editor; Greg Gillam, Art Director; C.J. Sturtevant, Copy Editor; Terry Rank, Advertising.

The Art of Paragliding Photography

Jody MacDonald is one of the world’s leading paragliding photographers. National Geographic, Niviuk and Outside Magazine have all used her photographs and she’s recently documented an epic 800km traverse of the Sierra Mountains in California

With paragliding it’s always the place or location that makes the images spectacular…not just the paraglider. It is important to capture the “sense of place”.

Read Jody’s article on The Art of Paragliding Photography.

Highs and Lows: Thermals on

Frábær grein eftir Hugh Miller um skítkalt 75km cross country flug í Englandi, hlaðin góðum ráðum og útskýringu á því hversvegna það sé betra að fljúga A-væng.

What happened to spring? In the UK we’ve had snow, floods and freezing fog in what has turned out to be one of the coldest March’s on record. But, with a single day forecast to be classic, Hugh Miller grabbed the day and stared a -15C windchill in the face. Come on!

Highs and Lows: Thermals on – the first day of the UK XC season