Why fly in Iceland? by Tim Bishop

What is so great about paragliding in Iceland?
It’s different from other places: the season is very short, the weather is difficult, and the flying is challenging. We have 24 hour daylight in summer and often fly late into the evening.

Learning to use the ridge lift, then find and exploit the embedded thermals at Hafrafell gave me skills that were very useful in the alps. The technique for climbing out, finding thermals and then using them was exactly the same I’d learned at home.

What is your favourite site (in Iceland) and why?
My favourite site is Herdisarvik, because the area is very beautiful, remote and the flying is great. Having 17km of ridge to play with is just luxury. I also like the fact that the takeoff feels realls scary and committing but is actually not at all tough.

Timothy William Bishop or Biskupinn is an ex-military aviator who moved to Iceland seven years ago and has around fifty hours’ PG flight time.

Biskupinn has written material for this site, click here to read.

* The featured image is by Áslaug Rán Einarsdóttir of Tim flying above Skógarfoss. Szczepan groundhandling in the foreground.