Með þyrlu uppá hæsta tind Norðurlands

Flugstrákarnir okkar fyrir norðan fóru með þyrlu uppá hæsta tind Norðurlands… og einum tókst að fljúga niður! … en hinir fóru í göngutúr sér til heilsubótar.

Why fly in Iceland? by Pavel Landis Landa

What is so great about paragliding in Iceland?

Well, I didn’t fly in another country yet, but I would say, that the best thing about flying here in Iceland is that here are no trees, Icelandic weather forecast is very accurate so it’s easy to decide if its flyable or not, you can choose from many places where to fly; soaring at coastal ridges using sea breeze, soaring at the hills, flying down to bottom mountains… and it doesn’t matter from what direction the wind is blowing – you can always find hills in desired direction.

What is your favourite flying site and why?

I fly most of the time only in the North of Iceland and here my favourite places are mountain Hlíðarfjall, great place for N, NE, E winds, flying there you can see the whole town Akureyri from above with all the little farms spread all around, easy grassy slopes, just relaxed flying; and Húsavíkurfjallið at Húsavík, flyable N,NW,W,SW,S,SE, this is the place where I made my very first flight, so I am bound to this place, its about 1 hour of driving from Akureyri, but you will be rewarded with great flying with spectacular view over Húsavík and the fjord… with the north direction its an easy grassy slope, in south side its a suberb ridge; when you take off, you are just straight away in cca 400 m ABGL! The ridge actually looks like someone did it for flying with heavy machines… it’s a perfect angle, length, many safe landings around… simply the best place I have flown so far.

Got to love the Icelandic power nature!

Pavel Landis Landa lives in Akureyri and has been paragliding since 2010. He learned with Gísli Steinar Jóhannesson at Svifvængjasetur Norðurlands.