The Madsen Pack

Uploaded on YouTube May 9, 2010

I would like to present the Madsen Pack, after watching all the new and fancy ways of cell-packing a paraglider, that only works when there is no wind!

This has been my preferred way to cell-pack my glider for the last 4 years. I needed to find a practical way to pack my glider when its windy. This is what I ended up with.
You dont need to unclip your glider from the harness and the air is pushed out through the leading edge. (Remember to keep a gentle pressure with our knee when you push the air out).

The trailing edge of the glider will always fold at different places which is good for the fabric. The mylars in front are the only important bit to keep organized.
This method is fast and easy. It works in small places like my living room. I normally use about 3.5minutes to be completely finished with the packing of my entire kit from the moment I put down the glider.

I hope you like the Madsen Pack