Why fly in Iceland? by Ágúst Rafnsson

What is your favourite site in Iceland and why?

Hafrafell is my only launchpad in Iceland so far and as the only contender has to be my favorite (I really hope to expand my knowledge of our skies this summer). The obvious advantages of Hafrafell is its frequent flyability, ease of access and being within a half hour drive from anywhere in the Reykjavík area.

Though this early in summer the landing area is a bog most of the time you would be hard pressed to get in any trouble finding a spot to land on.

Hafrafell also serves as a social hub where one can be sure to meet good people skipping work early to catch the sea breeze.

Ágúst Rafnsson lives in Reykjavík and learned to fly in 2009. He learned with Róbert Bragason and Tim Bishop at Fisfélag Reykjavíkur.

* The featured image shows Ágúst getting ready for his first flight with instructor Róbert.